We are currently seeking an instructor to teach Barn Hunt classes here in Sacramento.  Please contact competitivecaninegym@mycci.net if you have any interest.  Thank you.

Sacramento, CA

Foundations of Obedience 

Thursdays @ 10 am 

Next Start date and time: Contact Jorge

Instructor: Jorge Mendiola     email:NotchedtoanOTCH@icloud.com
Duration: 6 weeks- however this an ongoing class.  Most students stay in their class slot and advance in their training towards obedience titles together
Cost: $150

* For older puppies and dogs who have not earned the Novice title yet...
Content: Everything you wish someone had told you when you were working your Novice A dog. Hind end awareness, straightness, lifts, spins, and other stress releases, rhythm heeling, intro to dowel/dumbbell, platforms. Building drive through playtraining to achieve the best possible results in the ring.


​Contact the instructor if you are interested in advanced classes (i.e. open and utility levels)

Email instructor with any questions and to reserve your spot in classes:


NOVICE OBEDIENCE will cover the five basic exercises every well-trained dog should know....Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Heel.  We will also cover how to gain and keep your dog's attention, reading your dog's body language, Heel command as a position, Long Sits and Downs. All exercises will be practiced with distractions.  At the end of the six-week course, your dog should be able to attain a Beginning Obedience Title, Canine Good Citizen, or be a well-mannered companion. All dogs must have proof of appropriate vaccinations. Please bring a six-foot leather or fabric leash (NO Flexi leashes) and a flat, slip or martingale collar or head Halti.  Also bring plenty of small soft dog treats, small pieces of chicken or hot dogs...whatever is your dog's favorite treat.  This is a one time six week class that is periodically held.

Next Class will be Novice Obedience starting May 1, 2018 @ 6:30pm-7:30pm

Class Fee: $120  Instructor: Denise Sisneroz

Contact dsisneroz@gmail.com to reserve your spot in the novice obedience classes. 

1 Light Sky Court Suite 1

Instructor Geri Lopez teaches Rally classes Wednesdays, Thursdays, &  Friday evenings at the gym.

Rally classes are held from 7:15pm -8:45pm  

Class fees: $100/ 5 weeks or $25 walk in fee

Note both classes are full.  No Drop In space available at this time.  Check with Geri each week to see if any drop in space has opened up!

We focus on preparing your dog for Rally competition
Try to be on time
Crates ARE REQUIRED – if your dog is not crate-trained, now is a good time to start
Limited # of chairs are available, bring one if you can
Treats and toys are definitely OK! (I have a collection of toys & treats if you forget)
Snarly, crate aggressive dogs must be monitored all the time
Dogs with aggressive behavior towards people and other dogs are not welcome

Classes are fun and there is always lots of cheering and encouragement going on from everyone. All Novice people are invited to stay and watch the “sharks” in action in the Advanced class! It takes a lot of training and playtime to make a good Rally dog to achieve consistent performances, come and see what all the fun is about. 

Monthly Rally Run Thru's  for 2017: TBD

Private sessions available as schedules allow.
Contact Geri for additional information:  gezpez@surewest.net

This lecture based class is designed for people with their first show dog.  Perhaps showing your puppy was a condition of the purchase.  This class is filled with information such as how is a dog show run? The roles of the club, stewards, judges, exhibitors, and superintendents.  How to enter shows, explanation of the classes, dog show terminology,  how to figure points for championships, where to find information on shows, your own dog's progression to titles, what to bring to shows, when will your judging time be and much, much more. 

Email   competitivecaninegym@mycci.net to reserve your spot in class

4 Week Class, 1.5 hours per week         

Instructor: Alice Symons

Fee: $100  

​K9 Nose Work is an exciting outlet for your dog!  Your dog will learn scent discrimination while fulfilling his natural scenting desire.  A non- obedience activity that helps with focus, confidence, teamwork, and mentally tires your dog out from all the fun.  Perfect for all dogs and handlers - low impact.

​Instructor: Barb Haddeman, Certified NoseWork Instructor

​Barb currently teaches ten K9 Nose Work classes at Competitive Canine Gym on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Advanced Drop In Space available on Sat in the  4:30 class.  You must contact Barb before dropping in!

Contact Barb @ 916-687-0998   or  alertpaws@yahoo.com  to get on the wait list for future K9 Nose Work classes

Current Class Offerings

Drop In Conformation Practice is held weekly at our facility.  Experienced handlers can come for the valuable practice time with other dogs present.  Instructor Tanya MacDonald offers training for  both the dog and the handler.  Your dog will get plenty of practice gaiting with other dogs ahead of and behind it.  Less experienced handlers will work on stacking your dog properly and quickly, learning proper ring procedure and different gaiting patterns.  Tanya's focus in on teaching YOU how to show your own dog.  Day or Evening sessions to choose from:

$10 per session

Wednesdays @ 10 am

Wednesdays @ 7 pm

Sirius Dog Training is offering Monday and Thursday evenings  at Competitive Canine Gym.  Instructor Heidi Hurdy, CPDT-KA teaches:

Puppy kindergarten for puppies aged 8-12 weeks
​Puppy training 1 for puppies aged  10-18 weeks
​Puppy training 2 for graduates of puppy 1
​Dog Training 1 and 2: on leash classes for dogs 19 weeks and older.

All puppy classes  include off leash training and playtime!

​Please visit
www.siriuspup.com for more information and to register for classes.

Competitive Canine Gym, LLC
Every team, competitive

All levels of agility are being taught at Competitive Canine Gym.  We have multiple instructors and times to fit your schedule!  Classes are offered Mon-Thur  and  on Saturdays and Sundays (when Susan is not competing!)

Susan King is offering multiple agility classes.  Please visit  www.funfirstagility.com for more information and contact her directly to inquire about enrolling in a class.  

Janet  Rhoades offers multiple agility classes at our facility.  Contact her directly for information on her next class sessions and prices.  ​Janet can be reached via email:  janetrhoades6239@comcast.net  Also offering day classes on Wednesdays

​Aaron Lee is offering Introduction to Agility Mondays at 1:30 pm

​This course is design for beginners who want to compete in the agility sport or dog owners who just want to have fun with their canine companions. Training in dog agility is a great way to build confidence through trust and teamwork. You and your canine will learn to communicate to navigate through an array of different obstacles and overcome challenges while learning. This is a great way to bond with your canine partners. In this course you will learn safety, introduction of new obstacles and sequencing obstacles together.

Class is divided into five modules, modules should be taken in order to learn solid foundation and safety of the agility sport.


[A] Safety and Structures – Safety of all obstacles, introduction to catwalk, A frame, pause table wobble board and introduction for see saw and waiver form.

[B] Jumps and Tunnels – Bar jumps, tire jumps, panel jump, advance recall, introduction to tunnel and review of Module A.

[C] Weave Poles Pt 1. and See Saw – Weave pole exercises, See saw introduction, review module B

[D] Weave Poles Pt 2. and Sequencing – Weave pole exercises and review of Module A - C

[E] Sequencing – Introducing sequencing, Review A – D